In Japan- Missing Fajr's Milestones

Hello everyone! Fortunately, I landed a scholarship to study abroad for 1.5 months and it has been reported that Fajr’s behavior has not changed at all while I’ve been gone.Well, at least not for the worse. I’ve also received reports that I’m missing new behaviors. He’s started dancing to music and picked up new words. I miss him terribly . I’m in an area of Japan with a lot of mountains and a lake, so I frequently see crows, herons, hawks, and falcons (one flew past my window my first day here). It’s a lot of fun to watch the different ways of flying all of the birds have, but I do find myself getting sad over Fajr not being here with me. My fellow program members are surprisingly tolerant of the fact that I would rather follow and photograph a group of pigeons than rush to grab lunch before our next activity. On a non-bird related note, we are planning a trip to Nara soon, an area where the deer are very tame. I was bummed over not being able to visit the cat island or the bunny island, but this definitely makes up for it

WOW !! That is great, good for you.

Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity for you! And yes, isn’t it a bummer how we miss them when we go somewhere else for a while?