Incubating Chicks!

So, I’m in Animal Science, and we incubated some chicken eggs. This is a bit late, but they hatched on Sunday and Monday! The chicks were adorable! I brought my camera to school and got only a few good pictures.That last guy was the last to hatch, and he was very sleepy!We had 36 eggs, and only 11 were fertile (we candled them). All 11 hatched.We kept the chicks for two days, then gave them back to the guy who gave us the eggs, and we got another batch of eggs, 3 dozen again. They should hatch in 3 weeks or so.It was really fun, I got pooped on, during class they peeped and peeped. So cute and fluffy!

aww! they’re so cute! I wish we did that in science class. great pictures by the way.