Initials for bird types?

Is there any where on this forum or elsewhere on the web that identifies what all these initials in the posts mean? I just realized CAG means Congo African Grey, but what about all the others?

We are close to being even on species of birds.DYHBFTiels

I think this should help you

Wolf wrote:I think this should help you link, but i think I’m correct in saying that GCC is used for Greencheeked Conures around here, not Golden Capped Conures.(If not, I need to correct several dozen posts! )

Yes, GCC is Green Cheeked Conure and not Golden Capped Conure.

Over time I have run into several different lists of this nature and none of them are perfect in this regard, but I have noticed that sometimes there are 2 or more species of parrots sharing the same abbreviation, sometimes the ones used seems to depend on what birds are the more commonly kept in a give region. The thing is that I was just trying to give a sense of what most of them are. It is the best that I know how to do on this, although I guess that I could post more than one link to these lists. If you want more lists I will provide a couple more.

The list is good. I think people will figure out how things are used on this board, but it might be worth a sticky post somewhere, by someone who can do such things, with a list of abbreviations how they are used here. I saw something about a U2 flying, and thought it was a cold war post!