Introducing Squirt

I thought id introduce squirt to everyone. Shes an 18 month old Peking bantam hen i hand reared from the day she hatched.She was rejected by her mum as she hatched a day later than all the other chicks. She acctually came from my neighbour at the time and i was supposed to just baby sit her for a while so my neighbour could get on with the house work, but she ended up never leaving me. Id get woken up every morning calling to me (i liked to call her my fluffy alarm clock), and she wouldnt quiet down untill i gave her attention.When i first got her she had blood all over her face where she’d been pecked by her mum and i didnt even know if she’d last through the night. I had to take her everywhere with me to keep her warm (usually down my bra ), this included a trip to the pub where everyone thought she was amazing and were more than happy to accomodate her needs. 18 months later shes an incredibly spoilt little house chicken who chases the cats and likes to peck hairy men Unfortunately My neighbour who gave her to me has now sadly passed away, which makes her even more special to me.This was when she was very little, at most a few weeks old.And this is her todayEven chickens enjoy reading the paper!

aww, now she’s adorable!I used to have a silkie bantam named “Muppet” who was the sole survivor of a friend’s coop that was destroyed in one night by some hungry wildlife. She was spoiled to a life indoors for a few years until she had become egg-bound over a weekend I wasn’t home.How do you manage the poops? At least my parrot is fairly predictable on where/when she’ll go but my chicken would just let it loose whenever and wherever.

We just kind of have to follow her around cleaning up we try and keep her to the kitchen/garden as its easier to deal with that way though. in the summer she spends most of her days outside attempting to eat my mums plants. My mums been thinking of using a chicken nappy type thing, although personally i think squirts going to go "get this horrible thing off me and give me some cake!"

Awv shes cute. I want chickens but outdoor ones lol. Only problem is I live in a flat.

beautiful penny loves to read too