Introducing . .

My turn. This is Meg - the goat, not the dog.

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I just want to squeeze their cute little faces!

My friend has a goat farm. They are so sweet! They act like little dogs.

I was raised a city girl. I went nuts 5 years ago when I bought my rural property and got horses, goats, chickens. . . I don’t really know why I was so bent on getting goats, but I was. I am really surprised how loving and dog-like they are. Meg was too cute so I took her in for bottlefeeding. I’m going to keep her for one of our pets. She follows us around and drinks her bottle like a little piggy.

She’s just the cutest little thing !

Baby goats are the most adorable things. I love it when they bounce around. Like those phone commercials from two-ish years ago.

oooooh nothing cuter than a baby goat!! i love goats

How old is Meg - the goat from that picture? I want one too in my apartment Do you have milk from older one? It taste delicious!

Meg was 2 days old when that pic was taken. She’s now one week old.Are you serious about a goat in your apartment? I’m serious w/ my question. You have no idea how many people have contacted me about a goat for a house pet. . . Um, the answer is NO.Yes, I’ve had my goats’ milk. My goats aren’t trained to be milked regularly. So when I do milk them, they kick the crap out of me.