Introduction from the UK

Hi guys,

This is my partner’s and my first baby called Jumble. He is a massive poser for only me. He hates it when others take his photos and does pose after pose with me. My phone photos mainly consist of just him.

He’s two years and 3 months old, we’ve known him since he was 7 days old and life has never been the same.

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omg. that is wonderful! I bet that baby is SPOILED. is he bonded to only you? how well does he get along with your partner?

He is very spoiled lol! We are regular shoppers at Northern Parrots.

He has a weird bonding with both myself and my partner. He loves it when we are not in the same room so he gets all the attention. He’s a bit more bonded to my partner when we are together in a room, but I think because he has only ever known us together he loves us both the same. My partner gets can get him to accept things more than I can but I can get him vocalise things more than my partner.