Introduction to Pablo and Me!

Hiiiiiii! Hope everyone is well! Sorry for the long post, I don’t really use fourms very much.
I am from Victoria, Australia and have a pineapple conure(some say green cheeck) named Pablo. My family decided to get a bird after we went to a pet shop to get a rabbit for my brother(I was against it because we were rushing) untill he saw a bird and since both my parents owned birds as kids they decided to get a bird(Again was against this cause I knew we were rushing into a decision). On the first day while we were browsing I noticed a pineapple Conure who, when I went to pat him/her started biting my finger and then went onto my finger as a perch. I committed myself that if we are going to buy a bird, we would get this one.

The next day after about 6 hours traveling around Victoria looking at bird stores we returned to the same store and after a very close call my brother agreed with me to get the pineapple Conure. They didn’t know his age, it was somewhere in the 3 month range so since we got him last January he would be around one year old now. His gender was also unknown so a name was hard to decide, after a week we settled on the name Pablo. He was very good at the beginning, shy but didn’t attack strangers or family. Then he started attacking my dad, brother, sister, myself etc. My sister, after trying to steal his attention by dumping out the food I gave him and refilled it herself saying I was wrong to make the bird like her more, advocated to returning him and stated how much she hated him and threatened him because he wasn’t abandoning everyone else for her, my brother(despite some quite vicious attacks) was surprisingly forgiving and cautious(wore hoodies and stuff to prevent bites) and eventually this effort payed of as he likes him now. He attacks my father in the most vicious, lunging fashion possible but my dad is surprisingly forgiving. My mother pretends to hate him but will still pay attention to him (but she did kill our rabbits when we were younger and has threatened the same to him). And with me, I clean out his cage, food etc and make sure to take him out for a bare minimum 1 and half hours but usually closer to 3 hours. He flies to me whenever I leave the room and will attack anyone who tries to get him off me (except Emilio). Due to my families waving support I have been unable to get him new toys but he still has lots and has some good ones. I do regret not adopting but I was fairly ignorant about getting a bird and am sooo happy I stayed with him because he is literally my best friend for the next 20 years. He is pretty cheeky, he eats and bites pretty much any scrap he sees on the floor which is a pain to look after him but he loves his scratches and falling asleep on me.
Thanks for listening to this drone/intro. Sorry if it was terrible :stuck_out_tongue: