Is it just my bird?

i know parrots can be loud when they play. My African grey is generally pretty quiet she talks and whistles and mimics noises she hears. But when my girl plays she goes crazy she climbs upside down and screachs while shaking toys. normally its not a bother but whe im in bad mood it drives me crazy =P just figured id share.

Even quiet parrots aren’t quite what you’d call quiet, LOL. Maybe they should come with ear plugs! Scotty, who is African, but not a Grey, is mostly quiet or “talky” as in calling “Hey Birdie!” or muttering his various vocalizations, or asking to “Step Up” but when he gets into a racous play mood, he screeches!!! The first time he let loose I thought something was wrong!

haha yea. as soon as i see her climbing upside down and grab a toy i know its coming =P

jango talks when he eats, talks when he sleeps talks while is walking, talks while hes flying and screams while he plays.