Is this normal?

Hello, I wanted to ask you, if my budgie is alright. This is my first having a budgie, I tried to google as much as possible, but I am still unsure if this is normal. I’ve had him for about three months, he is from a owner and he didn’t seem like he had issues with them. I think it’s mites, but is it?
Thank you all so much for answers and I am sorry for any errors in my English, I am still not very fluent in it.

Yes it looks like mites to me, my birds have never had any but my mouse did and they look the same. Mites can sometimes end up in food bags, or bedding. I usually freeze my foods and defrost them before using it. I do this with my rodents food and bedding as well. Make sure everything is stored in air tight containers or in the freezer and get your buggie to a vet as soon as you can.