Itchy skin + feather loss


I have seen so many avian vets, spent thousands + thousands and still not got any answers. I was wondering if I could get some advice because this is driving me crazy and it is extremely upsetting seeing my bird being so uncomfortable, irritated and constantly itchy.

  • He is 7 years old
  • Itchy++++ for >6 months
  • Itch seems to drive him crazy - consistently itching + preening (impacting on his sleep)
  • Skin does not look dry/flakey but there is white dandruff looking debris that sheds off him and onto my shirt
  • Black at tips of feathers
  • Feather shaft weak and disintegrates easily - white and flakey
  • Diet healthy - boiled + blended veges, fresh fruit + veges daily, small amount of Wombaroo dry mix.

Mood is otherwise normal.


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