Jodi's a squwaker

Heehee!!!Just recently she has been making the most wonderful sounds! I think she has really been exploring what kinds of sounds she can make and it has been such a fun time, I love hearing what she comes up with! She makes the cutest noises! We took her out the other evening with us to do a quick grocery shop and she was so loud and noisy in the shop, it was so funny! In the car she was making a sound that definitely sounded like my fiance and I laughing…she is only 5 months old now, is it possible that she has started to mimic us?

Oh no , 5 months is not to young, some start even earlier, your lucky the grocery stores usually won’t let me bring Jake in, so we have to wait in the truck for mom, also when riding around i crack the window and the wind sound really set my zons to talking , sort of like the radio does.Glad to hear that Jodi is getting out and around , i know she loves being included in daily routines and chores, for a first phase or words try a greeting like “hi mom” or “hello”, two syllable words seem attractve to zons especially when greeting, like when you walk in the door and they’re happy to see you.If you use a excited happy voice they’ll pick-up on it quick.