Just thinking about birds...always dangerous

So…I know I probably shouldn’t…but… I kinda miss my daughter’s finches (they’re slowly passing away from old age…she only has 2 of the original 7 left)…and my canary (I only had him a short time…he was a ‘rescue’ and had been ill for a long time before I brought him home, but he was much more entertaining than I expected…and moreso than ‘just’ a finch)…I was debating whether I should get another canary…and was thinking Gloster…and then I was thinking maybe I should stick with parrots. I was ready to rescue a parrotlet several years ago, but someone else had taken him just before I picked him up…(wish they had bothered to tell me…had the cage and supplies all ready to go!)…So now I’m driving myself cuckoo…thinking Gloster Canary, parrotlet, young, older, or leave well enough alone.I tried to head the thought process off at the pass, and was playing with my daughter’s budgies…but ,er, well…she told me to leave her budgies to her! So I have no idea what to do…I’m certainly not rushing. Been thinking about this for a couple of months now…Any thoughts…or good reasons to help talk me out of it, or into it?

I don’t think too many here will talk you out of it! We’ve always sort of planned a finch aviary for the back yard – the climate is mild enough to make that feasible. Are all the remaining finches too old to breed or are they all the same sex? Could you get them to solve the problem for you?

No, she had males only. I really don’t want to breed. They were all different species. The two remaining finches are a Zebra and a Java Rice Sparrow.Having an outdoor aviary would be wonderful…but it’s too cold here. That’s why I have chickens!

I really don’t have anything to say to talk you out of it.You’ll know when you have enough birds. Until you reach that point yourself…temptation might always be around

You’re a very knowledgeable bird owner and know what to expect so I’m sure whatever decision you make will work out.I spent a lot of time considering getting a third bird and when the opportunity arose with Kylie, I didn’t really need to think about it too much. You’ll know when the moment is right and when it is the right bird.

Thank you guys! I love the positive feedback. My husband isn’t helping either…yesterday I finally told him I was ‘thinking’ about aquiring something…And he said “No more birds!” LOL…Today he phones and nicely asks, “So? What did you acquire?”

Rue wrote:And he said “No more birds!” LOL…Today he phones and nicely asks, “So? What did you acquire?” Men! And they say women are the ones that change their minds all the time! I’m sure you’ll make the right choice, whatever that may be for you. But… I do have to say I’m excited at the possibility of hearing about your new bird.

The idea of getting a new bird is a little intoxicating at times… But at any rate I can’t wait for you to get your new addition(s) if you decide.

maybe a green cheek conure?

…so many possibilities… And a GCC is on the short list…but first on the list is a canary…Er, can I talk about a canary on the ‘parrot forum’?