Lady on bike with parrot flying after her

Has anyone seen this youtube vidio of a lady in Thailand on a badass bike with per parrot flying after her!I dont think its safe but its still very cool to see

There was this guy in Argentina that had a Patagonian conure that did the same thing - he had rescued it when it was a baby and raised it and, even though he had released it back to the wild, the bird lived in the trees around his house and went along with him on his errands.

Wow, that was amazing to watch! I wonder if Tiki would do that? I wouldn’t even think of trying it, but she flies after me so I wonder.

That’s amazing! Wonderful to watch.

Was I the only one clinging to my chair praying the bird didn’t land on the ground and get run over or got hit by a bigger vehicle mid-air?

Yeah that wouldn’t have been good

I bike with my Yellow Naped Amazon Barney all the time. We are up to about 1650 miles together this year. I think it is much safer this way.

Fully flighted birds outside is never safe. I read a story two or three days ago about this old guy who used to walk with his CAG every morning for years without ever having a single problem but he took off and they found him dead of dehydration on a nearby beach a couple of days later (his name was Floyd). Parrots raised in captivity have no survival skills whatsoever…

That parrot was on a leash tied to the bike. You can see it tried to stop and perch for a moment, but the wind was too strong and forced it to keep flying. I feel bad for the bird.