Leaving a bird alone for 9 days!

Hi there. I do not own a parrot but my boyfriend does and I need help. He owns a African Gray that he plans on leaving for 9 days straight without anyone checking in on the bird. I am very against this and think it borders highly on neglect. The bird has a big beautiful cage and lots of toys. He says the bird has shown no signs of stress from previous times he has left the bird. I have done some research on this bird and I know they are highly social. He refuses to hire a pet sitter as he is head strong that the bird will be fine for 9 days. Is this true? If she is showing no signs of stress and has lots of toys…will she be ok?

We should get a pool going if he comes back to find the bird dead or plucked like a chicken? Place your bets.Seriously, NO WAY! How would someone like to spend 9 days in their own poop drinking the same water and eating the same food for that long (forget about the chances of it running out). Most good parrot owners worry about leaving a parrot for 9 days WITH a pet sitter, forget about without. I’m going away for 3 days this coming weekend and I have someone coming over 4 times to take care of the birds.

I agree completely!!! He has left the bird for long periods of time before though…and she survived…but still. To drink water thats over a week old is…wrong. He wont listen to me and more than likely we are going to break up over this. I dont know what to do. I have no control over this. I want him to hire a pet sitter but he refuses. He says noone knows his bird but him.

Why can’t he take the bird with him or leave it with you for a while? I really can’t see how any caring pet owner could leave their pet neglected for that long! I don’t care if it’s a budgie, african grey, or what have you!

We dont live in the same state. I am going home next week. I was just visiting him. Otherwise I would take care of the bird. I mentioned the idea of him taking her with him but he thinks she would be more happy in her big home versus a small travel cage.

Well, you could call animal control but you’d break up for sure over that. Still, leaving an African Grey alone for 9 days is absolutely neglect. Nobody needs to “know” his bird to know that.

Thank you both for this reassurance. We are def breaking up over this. I just cant let this go. I am an animal rights advocate who specializes in getting dogs off chains…but this felt wrong from the get go. I just dont know what to do…I cant force him to find a pet sitter. I feel so bad for this bird. It just breaks my heart.

Unacceptable and just plain wrong. I’m going away for 10 days today and I have two people who are going to look after my birds. I am still panicking about it! I feel bad enough leaving them for 1 night, let alone 9 days alone.

when i went to Australia for 10 days i had my rainbow lorikeet at the pet store i worked at looking after him, i was confident in them because thats where i got him from but was still worried every day that something would go wrong…leaving a bird ALONE for 9 days drinking ‘stale’ water and food if it lasts that long i mean what if he has a bath the minute you leave…he would have no water for 9 days…if he lasted that long. and food…you can expect it all to be on in 1-3 days thats what 6 days no food?

Unfortunately you two breaking up won’t do anything to help the poor bird. Even if his water and food didn’t run out I can just imagine the bacteria growing in the water! Especially if the bird is like most parrots and makes ‘parrot soup’ when it eats. Even if there were no problems with his food and water it would be torturous for a bird to be left isolated for that long.When I go away somebody comes over to my house a couple times a day and will stay and interact with my bird for a couple of hours each day. And I still worry constantly that he’ll be too lonely.