Let me DRAW portraits of your birds!

Hey everyone!send questions, photos, etc. to whetstoneart@yahoo.comI am a recent graduate (art student) looking to make a little extra money on the side, especially since I am adopting my baby conure in LESS THAN 4 WEEKS (excited!!!). I often draw human portraits using only black and white in charcoal (I will attach some photos), but want to begin trying to draw animal portraits. You could send me about 4 or 5 photos to choose from (or less if you dont have enough) and I will draw the portrait. I can send you a photo and as long as you like it, which I hope you will, I ask for $25 (this includes both the portrait and shipping). If you send it via check (or safely send cash) I can send the drawing out as SOON as I receive it.send questions, photos, etc. to whetstoneart@yahoo.comI understand if you do not trust me to send it, but I am not sure how to prove that I am legitimate. I would love for you to check out my art pageshttp://www.facebook.com/emilywhetstonearthttp://www.emilywhetstoneart.wordpress.comIf you do not like your portrait then it will NOT cost a thing (which is why I will show the portrait before sending the money!My baby cousin was born recently, this is her.The funny face girl with short hair (and round hat) is a self-portrait! Thats me!This is a portrait I was asked to do this week.send questions, photos, etc. to whetstoneart@yahoo.com

Hi there, just wanted to say that your art is very nice! I look forward to seeing your bird art.

Thank you so much!!! Im glad you like it! I will post pictures once I complete one!