Life of birds David Attenborough

Eden channel in the UK I are doing a rerun on David Attenboroughs Life of Birds well worth a watch for any bird lover.Each episode is on at 3 times a day so there’s plenty of opportunity to view itNot sure if the Eden channel is available to everyone but thought it was worth a mention to those who can get it

Have you watched this before? Although I like birds a lot my main interest is in parrots as there is so very much still for me to learn that I am mostly concentrating on them at this time. Does it have much about parrots in it? I don’t really know a lot about this person other than I think that he is fascinated primarily by the bird of paradise, I think that was the name of the bird.

No it’s not parrot specific but birds in general worth watching I did find this on you tube its episode 1 I’m sure there’s more episodes on there but it will give you an idea of what the programs about.

Thank you, I can’t look at it tonight but will try to tomorrow.

Cool! thanks, I’ve watched allot of his stuff,Havent watched this one yet though. His Life story series is really good!