List to buy: "For Parrots or Parrot related"

For Parrots doesn’t necessary mean that they are for them. Sometimes they are for us- big human kids Do you have such a list? I don’t include toys, they’re like a weekly reward for(who) Mine looks like that:- Bigger cage for budgies - Check- Rabbit Air purifier- Harness for Chco - Check- Pak-o-bird / travel backpack- Discovering the World of Parrots – Australia on DVD!4 discs - CheckSo far that’s it! And maybe in the future one of this birds: Bourke, Kakariki, Scarlett-chested or 1st and 3rd one since I have read they go along good together. But that’s a far future…

My list would be: Pak-o-birdHappy HutsLarge Indoor AviariesCactus Perches Aviator HarnessLarge Manzanita play tree Large play area I really want a huge play area. I’m especially in love with the ones in Natacha’s photos. Her birds look so spoiled and I’m kind of jealous of the play area! If my ceilings weren’t 11ft high, I’d probably have made one after I got my budgies.

Come to think of it, nothing really. Mine basically have it all at this point. I mean I still have to maintain or replace stuff but in terms of the big picture items, they got it.Large roomy aluminum cage, checkClimbing tree, checkTraining Perches, checkTravel carrier, checkOutdoor aviary, checkTravel cage, checkI’m pretty set with the major bird investments. It’s more about training from her on in. I want Truman to learn outdoor harness flight, better indoor recall, etc. But none of that can be bought. All of it must be learned and takes a lot of time. The only thing I might like to invest in at some point is a larger cage for Kili. She’s totally used to it and fine within its confines but I’m sure she’d be good in a bigger cage too. However, with the aviary and out of cage time, it really isn’t a priority.

I want all my birds to be able to be outside in the sunshine in one big happy flock. Maybe i should buy a little island somewhere . Yeh that’s it , i’ll get my birds a little island , of course, they’ll need me to look after them.

Get a house with a pond or lake build an island and no bridge and you can only get there by boat o.o

I can’t say that I need/want anything either, my birds are pretty spoiled as it is. Once we move the rescue and do some remodeling, we’ll be able to turn the huge barn into an open flight, so that’s solved. I’d love to get a large natural play tree, but we don’t have the room. Besides, the rescue has several and my birds can always go visit

Maybe i should buy a little island somewhere . Ooohhhh yeeeaahhhhh. . . I’m with you.In the real world, I’d like to upgrade everyone into uniform, large breeding flights. Right now everyone’s in good sized caging, but it’s all mishmashed different kinds of caging. And the rosellas are in 4’ cages. I would love to get them into 12’ flights.For me, the human kid - another 25’ aviary. That’s coming any day now. Hubby and I just have to get outside and get it together.

captwest wrote:(…) Yeh that’s it , i’ll get my birds a little island , of course, they’ll need me to look after them.That beats everything! Should we all here fell invited?

Oh Yeah, we’re gonna put a airstrip on the island next door. If your going to dream,dream big.

for me after we move house is a large outdoor aviary we are moving to a house that is surrounded by bush and very private with no neighbors so i would be able to house jango right outside during the day (Not just on the deck) without annoying neighbors saying i cant =pbut other than that im pretty set, but yea an island sounds good. wanna go halves?