Loads of spammers lately

Is this normal? Havent noticed but now everyday theres some random post on the forum which shouldnt be here, do they really have nothing better to do then make up fake accounts to post dating sites and dodgy things on a parrrot forum lol

Unfortunately spammers are just par for the course when it comes to forums and email in this day and age.There are a number of us that keep an eye out for suspect accounts and remove spam messages as quickly as possible. We really do our best to keep spam off of this board so all members don’t need to see the pointless messages.

Thanks for the great work

I’ve noticed a lot too, must just be the season? The biggest thing to remember is not to reply to the spam, it makes it more time consuming to remove it. Thanks!

One problem is that our moderators are more busy with personal holiday engagements so our moderation reflexes are slightly slower than usual.

if you dont have a moderator in my time zone i would be happy to help. i see quiet a bit of them are posted while im on