Loki wants to mate

Looks like Loki wants to mate and Rocko isnt taking the hinthttps://youtu.be/ERKqFa1of_o

What are their ages?

Wolf wrote:What are their ages?They are over a year and yes this is a Female wanting to mate.

Was not doubting the mating intention, was wondering if age was a factor as to the lack of interest, but that does not appear to be it. Thanks.

It does not look like preparation for mating to me.I have learned things about my Cockatiels this year that I just had a hard time believing. Sweetie, my oldest female died. I was as heart broken as Shadow was. I rescued a 4 year old breeder bird to be his companion but he was not interested and she liked the freedom of not being bonded.Tommy and Tammy had been together for almost as long as Sweetie and Shadow. Cockatiels are suppose to mate for life and only take a new mate after theirs passed.Shadow claimed Tammy and stole her from Tommy. Tommy has adjusted after many many months without her. Now Shadow and Tammy have split up. Beats the heck out of me what is going on.Those 3 are now singles even though I have a other singles in the flock.

I really don’t know enough about cockatiels to say one way or the other, but, Liz, you have enough of them and have had them long enough to know without any doubt, so if you say that it does not look like a mating behavior, I will accept your word on it.

I didn’t know what she was doing and I posted the video on a few forums and they all said she wants to mate and I searched on youtube too and found videos of females doing the same thing they do it for the male to mate with them.

Well, I understand that, but since I don’t have any cockatiels to compare the actions with, I can’t honestly say. Liz, on the other hand has a whole room full of them and has much more species specific and first hand knowledge and experience with them than I do, so I am really better off by referring you to her for that type of information. I can say that there are many areas that we can come pretty close to knowing what a specific bird is trying to say due to the similarities in their body language, but we also have to leave an area open for not always knowing due to the intracies of the individual bird as well as the variation of the different species. Sometimes without being able to see all of the behavior we may miss a slight variation which totally changes the meaning that they are trying to convey. A simple illustration of this is in the actual mating dance of many of our birds. Sometimes they will perform this dance, not because they are wanting to have sex with us, but because they are so very happy to see us. And even with knowing this from first hand experience, I still often miss the exact differences in their body language that tells the difference which is not something that another bird would miss seeing since it is a major part of how they communicate with each other. While it may look the same to us it may not be the same and that could easily explain the apparent indifference of Rocko to Loki.

Its quite obvious she wanted to mate she has been hormonal since the start of Spring.And I wasn’t asking does this mean she wants to mate I already know it does.Carolyn from Little feathered buddies has lots of Cockatiels and has been breeding them for years.

I am probably not in position to post, I have zero cockatiel experience…But I know like Liz and Wolf said, Tilly does dance for different reasons, and all of Tills dances are very similar, and usually she does it: when she sees her family after we’ve been out for a long perion of time or when she sees her reflection…To me Loki looked like she was considering flying off, but not to confident about it…