Lost African Grey LI, NY

This just came in on the 911 parrot alert mailing list. I am nowhere near Long Island, but I know a number of you are:HELP…HELP…HELP…Also, please shareThere is a LOST African Grey 14 weeks old…flew last night from Narcissus Dr Syosset, LI, NYcan anybody help search for the baby.???..there is a need to get an ‘Organized search Party’ going…please EMAIL ME ONLY if you can help…Your efforts could save its life...Donna@911parrotalert.com

Oh, Lord, what heartache, if they don’t find that bird within a couple of hours, it’s dead! But the question that begs asking is how could anybody lose a baby bird?!

Seth didn’t loose the parrot. He was just passing on the info like I do when their is a rehome.