Lovebird Biting

Hi everyone!

I was looking for some advice on our lovebird. We got him in March and we believe that he was 5 months old at the time, so now nearly 10. Right now, we think he is going through Birdy puberty so a lot of behavior has changed from when we first got him.

All that to say, he is a nipper. A big nipper. Often times he will rush out of the cage when it’s outside time and bite fingers. He will then sometimes sit on the shoulder and run around to the neck to bite that too. We have tried everything from ignoring him, to turning lights off, to a firm and solid “no!” But nothing seems to work. He just continues to bite.

I should mention that he doesn’t draw blood, so we were wondering if it was hard beaking? He loves being around us but it’s hard to feel totally mutual when he runs around to nip us all the time! We love our little buddy but I’m wondering what tips others may have?