Lovebird or Cockatiel

Lovebird vs CockatielI want one that I can train well. One that can be best friends with me. One that I can bring to the park with an aviator leash. One that’s enthusiastic and playful. So can you help me decide on which one to get?Ps I have bird experience!Thanks

Well cockatiels are known to be a lot more forgiving and lovebirds are known to be fiesty and they tend to be aggressive/bossy towards other birds. So if you have other birds I would say a cockatiel because they generally get along with other birds. But all birds are different even within the same species, so I would say get in touch with a breeder of them and just go meet the birds and see if you connect with one. And remember training does usually go better when the bird is younger, but older birds already have the personality and traits they will have for the rest of their life so their aren’t really any surprises.Hope this helps.

I’m pretty sure you can’t get a harness small enough for a lovebird. In my experience, cockatiels are playful, friendly and so sweet. They love just being with you but they are smart and can learn tricks. I don’t really have any hands-on experience with lovebirds but I have frequently heard that they usually bully other species. I see that you have 2 budgies already. If you got a lovebird, you’d probably end up having to give each species separate out-of-cage time with you.

I get a lot of comments of here and other places that lovebirds can be aggressive. And I also get comments saying that cockatiels are nice and friendly.So I’m guessing that a cocktiels would be a great bird for me!So thanks for helping me solve my problem!

Skip, Im not trying to be critical, but didnt you buy your second budgie - only to have your mother put it immediatly into your first bird’s cage as she didnt want 2 cages in the house?I might be remembering it wrong, but are you sure getting a third bird is a good idea? Are you prepared for the responsibility, and whats to happen with your budgies?

Please keep in mind that even though cockatiels are pretty laid-back and generally friendly, they still need to be socialized with other birds. You can’t expect a cockatiel to be all buddy-buddy with your budgies right off.Do you mind my asking why you want another bird?

I was thinking of giving my blue bird to my friend who wants it.And then I still wanted my bird to have company so I thinking I would get him company even though it not another budgie.But I’m thinking about it. So it’s 50/50.

Cockatiels and Budgies won’t get along very well. My Cockatiel hates my Budgie because she’s very annoying and aggressive to him. You should not separate your budgies if they’re bonded.

Another thing… my budgies aren’t so bonded. They get along at some points, but at other times they hate each other. They are kind of like Kili & Truman.

But you are getting a second cage, if you get another bird, right?