Macaw are legal in New York?

Friends, I live in New York, I wonder whether the NY law permits the creation of macaws as pets, it takes some outrorização, the breeder or store has to have a document proving that the bird nesceu in captivity. If they can help me would be very grateful.

Please be patient with me as I only speak American. It sounds like you are wanting to buy a Macaw and are wondering about proof that the bird is captive bred and hatched in The USA. Is this correct?

If you are talking about proof that the bird is captive-bred, as far as I know, they only accept closed legbands because anything else can be forged. But, as far as keeping a macaw in an apartment, I doubt you would be able to even if you got a ‘pets OK’ lease because the neighbors would complain about its screams (they are LOUD!).

Macaws are legal in New York, as far as I know. Here are some breeders located in New York. I post this not to advertise, but as proof that people do have macaws in New York.