Male Meyers! Female Jardine! Connecticut! Thank you

Hello. My name is Dana. And, I live in Hartford. I am aiming to drive to North Carolina in an attempt to put my parrots in a forever home sanctuary where they will not be rehomed. It is entirely outdoors on a beautiful land and the aviaries are outside year round. My male jardine is 9 years old. My female meyers is 9 years old. They are my entire world and I am looking to give them a better life wher they are not longer indoors as captive animals. And, have more nature which is their need and born right. In order to make conditions ideal, I’m trying to gain them each a mate to possibly bond with there but that would just be another of their own species. The sanctuary currently has none. if you are someone who is looking to make a difference in the lives of these birds and would like to create this ideal scenario with me, please let me know below asap. I am getting a ride there and I also hope to raise funds for their donations. As well as the trip there. again please comment below. I cannot answser my inbox due to technical difficulty. my number is 8607197230 thank you P.S. please just call if you are in or close to Hartford CT and have a 9 year old male meyers parrot or 9 yr old female jardine parrot. Also, im looking for an older female jardine parrot for another parrot there. please just call. Im not on social media, have technical difficulty and limited computer usage. I am trying to make this happen asap and am seeking like minded to create this ideal scenario. I hope the administrators will please keep this posting. As i am trying to make a world of difference in the lives of two plus parrots who currently have unfavorable and unstable conditions! thank you!