May I show off a little?

Bird portraitsWell, dang, half didn’t show up fully…

Very cool , what is the shiny one made out of? You know your the smartest of us all , one bird companion for life , retired and having fun , well except dealing with Rickey’s excessive partying and alcohol problem , cuddos to you { well done } green with envy } BW. Oh did you let Rickey take these pictures ? Gotta get him off the sauce!

BW… I must admit - life got really GOOD all of a sudden…All my bird portraits are multi-media. The initial sketch is on paper with pencil and pastel… great subtlety and detail, then I cut that out and glue to canvas (sometimes several layers of wings, feet, beak), then finish with colorful acrylics, nail polish, white-out. This technique allows the detail of drawing with the desirability of a painted canvas.The Rb is such a n’er-do-well. If I let him have the cam, he’d try to pawn it.Ah, I just figured out how to resize!

Thank you so much…Back to the drawing board on re-sizing, though!

Really great. I do envy you your talent. The paintings are super.

Thank you so much!"Oliver" was a beloved and now deceased Amazon. The owner wanted a memorial bust, sort of.She told me she and her husband cried when they opened it.Bird art is an amazing way to interact instantly and yet intimately with bird-lovers.We love our birds sosososo SO much.

Those pictures are great. A true artist put as much feeling as paint on a canvas. I think you got it nailed.

And you know how to make an artist feel truly appreciated!

WOW, Gail! Girl, those are FANTASTIC!!! I am such a klutz when it comes to things like that but boy, do I admire them!