Meet the family

So I’ve mentioned a couple of times now I’d make a meet the family thread so I thought I’d take up the phone and take some pictures today as I was walking around fiddling with the birds tree. So here’s some pictures of the goats living together with the ponys right next to the house, also including pictures of the little ponys and ofcourse the newly hatched chickens. And I know there is no grass in the pictures but the goats has access to another pen next to this where they can go eat but some of the ponys we keep was given too us because they get sick when they eat grass and they dont have the energy to go clear any greens coming up… but I do feel sorry for them not being able to eat fresh grass but atleast it keeps otherwise healthy horses from being put down, and their all adorable… might be adding some pictures of the grown up chickens and the bigger horses but didnt have the cell on me as I was taking care of them today.So this is Athila, a slightly overweight old lady who has only been here for about 2 weeks now, so weight is getting monitored loads of exersize, and like a couple of others she gets sour hoofs when eating fresh grass…This is Smulan (crumble in english) and is the most severe allergic we have to fresh greens and got really sick last summer due to it when she managed to get at some through the fence… this Pony has been with us for ages and is almost as old as I am but she’s in good shape and a bundle of cuddle n joy.So heres the goats all cuddly as the cuddliest lapdog, except for the biggest one who or some reason enjoys chasing people who shows fear, but if your calm and determined in your steps she will gladly crawl up in your lap. The one furthest to the right is a purebread african dwarf goat, and the two smaller ones are Timra (the big one) and Lasses offspring, their adults but turned out this small for some reason, now their all castrated so we can keep em all together at all times. Timra is the only female and the old wise one out of the bunch, sometimes you see em walking the neighbourhood in a leach together with some kids.And now for some cutiepicks…This is one of the little bunnybabies getting up close and personal and I actually had to move her back a couple of times before I could get a picture…And now the chickens, not the best pick but not yet conftible moving them out to a better spot just to get a decent photo. But if you put your hand in palm up they will all run to it and crawl into it and fall asleep, and they will all try to fit in it as well. so definitly not afraid and they enjoy scratches on the side of their heads. Oh btw surprisingly enough it actually turned out to be 7 of them, I was all certain there would only be 6 since I couldnt see the 7th being anything in when i glowed it with the lamp, but it hatched a whole day after, so 6 little yellow ones and a black.

You have the best family ever! I can’t wait to have some land and have my own. ^_^I just love goats and those bunnies are precious. I got to enjoy my mother’s chickens when they were just babies. They all still tolerate us picking them up and patting them because they were played with non stop as babies. <3 chickens

i would love to have a goat. we had one when i was a baby so i don’t remember but my mother tells the funniest stories about him following her while hanging the wash chewing the plastic off our bibs and butting the dogs off his spot on the porch.

Ate goats are fun, sometimes… Well always but not always straight away, but if you would consider a pig a walking garbage can, then a goat is a dumpster… They eat anything they can get at… Just like 3 days ago I parked the tractor on their little stone hill there where the picture was taken. And I found them ontop of it, and one inside and it had torn my seat into molecules. And if you have worker pant on with the nail pockets etc, be prepared to drag a goat along hanging tight… Or a loose sitting sweater, you name it they taste it, but their absolutely adorable

Nice to meet them all