Melbourne people? or Victoria, Australia?

Um, if there is anyone from Melbourne or at least Victoria, Australia… Where do you get your birds from?

Hi There. I am from Melbourne (south east) Victoria Australia.I have 2 budgies - (1 pet store, 1 breeder) not very tame 1 cockatiel - (breeder) very tame, velcro bird 1 cinnamon green cheek conure (pet store,owner also bred) tamish, work in progress

Oh. Could you tell me where the breeders are? Thank you so much. I’m considering another bird. It’ll probably be depending on what the breeder has and i’ll research it more in depth when i find out. Again, Thank you!

What species of bird are you looking at getting? What part of Melbourne are you in? (I am in Berwick)

I’m looking into getting from a Senegal or a conure (Preferably a Green Cheek Conure or a Sun Conure). Oh, and i live in Sunshine, Victoria. :S I’ve googled some places and i found there is a place that specializes in birds in Coburg which is about a 20 minute drive from where i live and it has all sorts of birds. But i sort of want a bred and hand-tamed bird from a breeder.

Hi, I have family in Sunshine, small world. There is a lady in Pyalong (near Kilmore) that breeds conures. She is currently advertising on The Trading Post online under pets, birds. You could give her a ring. I have never met her but I know of a few people who have gotten their birds from her. Dont know any senegal breeders. Good luck.

I wish everyone would put their location in the info to the left of a post. I can never remember who is where.I would also like to know if someone is in the Carolinas’ or if I am an only.

I have two GCCs (a yellow sided and a pineapple) from the breeder in Pyalong, brilliant birds but they took us a little while to get to know each other, most likely just cause our first GCC just fitted into our family so well, never bit etc. My aunt and uncle have a blue fronted amazon and two sunnies from them too. I can pass on their details if you like, they breed soo many different types of birds, no senegals tho, in fact I don’t think I know of anyone in Australia who owns a Senegal, never seen one in real life.

Oh yes! Could you please give me the details of the breeder? That will be very helpful of you! Thank you so much!