Most excited I've been in a while

To start things off, Lilly was finally adopted again, two days before Christmas. That is ironic because my birthday is two days AFTER Christmas. Hopefully that can be her permanent home.On another note, I am looking forward to spring break. I wanted to volunteer at the shelter for my birthday, but, we just shot shotguns instead because we didn’t have the time. However, I finally get to return to the shelter again over spring break. I have been wanting to see the macaws for awhile now. When I finally go, and return, I will post a subject about it.

Matt, I am sure you gave enough information on Lilly’s personality for them to have a head start on loving and understanding her.Yay, you get to volunteer at a shelter.My dream vacation, and I know I will never get it, is to go to Australia and volunteer for a month at the Australian Zoo Wildlife Rehab center. Can you even imagine such a thing.I volunteer at the NC Zoo in Wildlife Rehab. Because of my illness I could not take the shots required to handle furries. I had reptiles and birds.They had an unusual snake that could not be released, named Butterscotch, since they could not identify the species, with a turtle named Pug. The top part of the turtles mouth was cut off up to the nose. I gave the snake a thawed mouse but Pug was sucking the juice out of it and Butterscotch was not pleased. I had to move Pug.I bonded with a vulture named Oscar. He was so intelligent. He created a game to play in his outdoor cage. When I got sick and could not volunteer for a month they put him down. They said he was not tame. I know he was. It still hurts that they killed him because I was sick.You will absolutely love being there. How far is the rescue from home? Do you drive? You won’t want to go home at night.Can you tell I am excited for you?

Great news, Matt! I am sure you will love volunteering there!

I think just going to Brazil, Indonesia, Australia would be fun to see the wild parrots.

Seeing is not like physical contact. Of course I was working with injured creature and some who could not be released but trained for exhibit.I held a gator, snapping turtle (you would not believe how heavy they are), snakes and birds.The worst job I got into was the baby bird room. Sometimes there were as high as 50 and they needed to be fed every 20 minutes. Even worse than the speed I had to move but no one wanted to come in and check on me for fear I would leave.There was an outside habitat for baby chimney swifts who had learned to fly. Feeding time could make you deaf but I did not stop feeding until they were too full to make a noise.There was a Canadian goose so bored hat she was playing in her water dish. The woman in charge told me wild animals do not play. I gave her a plastic cup. By the way she was baling water it sure looked like play to me.Oscar the vulture was in an outside habitat . We became friends and he showed me a game he made up for fun. He had a rotten tree stump. The bottom of his habitat was covered with pebbles. He would put a pebble in a hole in the stump then get another. To amuse him self he moved the pebbles around to different holes. I taught him to play tug of war with a little tree branch.Oh, I am so excited for you.

Matt, yer an 18-19 year old mormon ain’tcha?

NICrosis wrote:Matt, yer an 18-19 year old mormon ain’tcha?As Rambo would say, “you gotta problem?”

liz wrote:NICrosis wrote:Matt, yer an 18-19 year old mormon ain’tcha?As Rambo would say, "you gotta problem?"Considering I’m a mormon? Highly unlikely.

NICrosis wrote:liz wrote:NICrosis wrote:Matt, yer an 18-19 year old mormon ain’tcha?As Rambo would say, "you gotta problem?"Considering I’m a mormon? Highly unlikely.Sorry, the way you phrased it I thought you were looking for trouble.