Mother Goose asks for help

I am constantly amazed at how intelligent birds are! I’ve always known that parrots and corvids were smart but, for some reason, I used to think that other birds were not really ‘that’ intelligent - well, I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Were you as ignorantly prejudiced as I was? … ocid=edgsp

I was outside mowing the grass and came in for a break and saw this same article on MSN and was thinking about posting it here myself, but you got to it first. Just as when I watched the video and read the story all I could think of is the word wonderful. Any way, I really though that it was pretty good that mamma goose went and knocked on the car door to get the cops attention and persisted until he followed her back to her baby, but then she stayed to keep her baby calm while he called for assistance and then still remained keeping her baby calm while the second cop freed her baby. An absolutely wonderful story.

All of them are amazing. The Momma needed help and found it. She kept talking to her baby the whole time to console it and keep it calm.I get really emotional when a wild creature puts it’s faith in a human for help.

It WAS a wonderful story, no doubt about that! But I am still embarrassed to admit that I would never have expected that level of reasoning from a goose… I mean, it took real thinking for her! She figured out the baby needed help, first. Then she figured out who to ask for it. How to do it and to insist until she got the result she wanted. Guided the officer to the baby and waited nearby without attacking anybody or showing any signs of distress so the baby would keep calm - WOW!!! People might not have kept their cool like she did and do exactly as needed…