Moths making us crazy

These seed moths are driving us bonkers here. We used up both moth traps and they just keep getting worse anyway.I guess we’re gonna have to quit buying the big bags of parrot gourmet and cockatiel mix and only get bags that can be sealed all the time, which will cost a LOT more.

It’s most likely the brand you are buying that has the moths eggs to begin with so, switch the brand, don’t buy bags that will last more than one month (grain and seeds are only good for three monts and you don’t really know how long the large bags are on the shelf) and keep them in the refrigerator.

Someone in my local bird club group says to either keep them in sealed bags ( these come in grain bags from the commodities place where they mix them ) or get a big open top freezer. ( expensive & no room )I never heard the thing about 3 months before. Always heard that seed crops last up to a year, then there’s a new harvest. And these have some pellet crackers in them too.

It’s not how long they last, it’s the amount of aflatoxin that can be produced by the aspergillus in them (aspergillus is ubiquitous in nature but it’s found in larger quantities in grains and seeds) in a certain period of time (I used to work for a grain company). Seeds should not be frozen, only refrigerated because freezing changes the chemical composition of oils.