Moving into an RV, what to make sure I get for my birds?

I have been building a large truck into a livable RV, Much like this: The way I have the interior layout set up, My birds have their own windows, decent sized cages, and play areas. So their space will be identical to the space they have now. The inside will have heavy duty air filtration systems, so their air quality will probably be better than if they lived in a house. I will probably rarely be moving, once or twice a year, maybe taking occasional trips. Neither of my birds get motion sickness, and both seem to thoroughly enjoy traveling. What do I need to be concerned about when it comes to their health?

I would make sure I always have bottled water and frozen food ready for them (chop, gloop, mash) just in case. Aside from that, I would check prior my moving it anywhere and make a note of a local avian vet and a 24/7 emergency clinic.

I would make sure perches are positioned low enough for any sudden stops when on the move. Somebody needs to come up with birdie seat belts really I’m not kidding as redicoulas as that may sound. BW (looks like an urban swat vehicle ) at least the birds wouldn’t feel it if a car ran into it. You probably wouldn’t know it either.

I might be concerned about where the exhaust exits the vehicle in relation to the birds and especially as I am thinking that this vehicle is diesel fueled and the exhaust is very strong. I know this as I have a diesel powered moving van that I have been considering turning into an RV, I would also want to be certain of a double exit so that no one could inadvertently let my birds out. From there it is just a matter of them having the same things as if living in a house.

I was also worried about exhaust, but Its got a ridiculously intense filtration system. Its got a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and an electrostatic filtering system, so it should be good, Ill definitely test it before moving in though. Good idea about the double exit, I hadn’t thought of that, I should be able to fit that in. Also It has 150 gallons of fresh water on board, with a rainwater collection and filtration system on the roof, so water isn’t a problem. Thanks for all the advice guys.