Moving to Spain

First off, I am sorry I have been away from the forums for so long but Ive been chipping away at trying to somewhat create a sustainable income online and kind of knowingly did cut out things that did not need attention to have that time to focus on what needed it the most every day, and for the most part I’ve been successful, enough so to now feel like my goal that I set up to make the vacation home in Spain into my permanent one is getting closer and closer each day and at the point where I can almost reach out and touch it, well not actually that particular one since I own it together with other family members and I have no right to claim it as my permanent home.Anyways, I think i know exactly what it takes for me to bring the birds into Spain with me, however if there is anyone here from Spain who could help me verify the accuracy of my research, for the last thing I would want is trouble at the customs office when already traveled across Europe.Overall I think the move will be great for both myself and the birds, the birds gets to see the outdoors in a warmer climate and have the ability to join me on my walks/runs even during the winter. And for myself… I always enter a state of depression from when the first snowflake falls until the last one has melted away, and I usually just shut out everyone during this period of time so winter is when friends are lost here… Anyways I hope the warmer climate and the lack of snow will benefit us all, and pretty much the last peice of the puzzle is being assured that my knowledge of imports into Spain is not at fault and that the entrance in to the country will be smooth so that they can get into their new aviaries as soon as possible… Once I know that I have everything there that’s needed, it’s just a matter of thing up loose end here in Sweden and send the moving truck and get myself and my birds going… Excited, but Kk d of scared. I did take contact with a breeder (who I knew had experience with imports) and while he is polite and always replies, his English isn’t good enough and neither is my Spanish to discuss anything including words that a toddler won’t know, unfortunately.

Wow, big changes! I speak Spanish and my younger brother and his family live in Torrevieja, a small but beautiful sea resort in Alicante (what’s called the Costa Blanca) and just a couple of hours from Barcelona so, if there is anything we can help you with, feel free to ask.

Hello! I’m spanish, I don’t know much about this kind of regulations, but I would be happy to help you translating things into english or recommending you good spanish breeders so you can contact them.

Oh, I have just seen you sent me a PM, I’ll answer you soon