Mutations of amazon parrot

Hi! I have one simple question! The friend of mine has something that appears to be a color mutation of a species amazona amazonica. I am not familiar with parrots, and I am doing him a favor. The normal main color of this bird would be solid green, but one of his youngsters has visible olive-green coloration, and everything else is the same… If I am not mistaken, there is a yellow mutation of that species… Does anyone else know about any other types of mutation of this particular species? If you have some information, please paste links with pics… I will ask a friend to take a photo, so maybe I will post later… Thanks in advance!

well, none else on this specie, but there is a blue yellow nape and a yellow for another species

Hm, that is odd… The thing is that he purchased some baby birds which he was feeding himself, and they were without feathers. As they grew, the colors started to be visible. 3 of them have a standard solid green color, but this one is olive green! I will post a pic today, so you will see!

OK, these are the pictures;Uploaded with ImageShack.usUploaded with ImageShack.usAs you can see, it is clearly visible that the color of the bird is not standard green… It is more olive green… What does this mean? Is it some kind of new spontaneous mutation? When my friend took them out of parents nest, they had no feathers at all, so this was pretty much an unexpected surprise! What do you think?

!!! take it to the vet! Feather change CAN signal disease! But, if its not, then you may be able to project to the world that your friend had found a new mutation!

I doubt it is sick… It behaves normal, eats normal, progressing good… We both agreed it is a mutation… Nothing else seem to be the explanation… We will see what will happen as the bird grows up… thanks for your help!

no problem, but show it off! Aviculture must be able to know of it!

hi looks to me as a Cinnamon o/w amazon dose he still have this bird

I don’t know if it is a feather mutation, but those birds need to be taken to a vet asap. Their feet don’t look normal and this could cause serious problems further down the road. They aren’t walking on them correctly and some of the toes seem a little misshapen.