My Conure Hates Conure Youtube Vids

Apparently when I thought it would be interesting to see what my 9 week old sunny is going to react when he/she see his/her own kind on the screen, his/her reaction was actually to lung at them and bite my screen… I got a little curious so also played quaker vids (he/she was caged next to one at breeders) and he/she did the same, just with less intensity. No reaction for bigger parrots such as Macaws and Toos (he/she quite enjoy watching those crazy toos). I know the breeder doesn’t breed those, so he/she probably don’t recognize them as real things.I thought conures live in groups so sight of their own kind shouldn’t inflict such reaction? Anyone has similar experience?(EDIT: oh and he/she also absolutely hates David Attenborough )

I like to watch Bowie the IRN. Peanut always walks down from my shoulder and waddles onto the keyboard to check him out.

Lol my quaker gets scared when he hears other birds, in real life and on video

Lol… our parrotlet loves to watch Koolaid and Smokey on youtube over and over, then he gets mad at me when an ad pops up between the vids , but now it’s hard for me to use the laptop when he’s out of the cage because he’ll keep landing on the keyboard and pacing back and forth, then looking at me like “play the vids already” , then he’s like a little kid watching cartoons where he has to be so close to the screen and he answers everytime they make any sounds. He’ll also start his little neck dance when they appear to be looking at him.

None of mine have ever been bothered about anything on the computer/tv/radio etc. I’ve tried it several times with most of them. I find the none reaction a bit weird tbh because most of them were parent raised. George the peach fronted conure I had did react to mirrors though, he always started displaying but he was the only one. Are my birds weird? lol.