My First Day With Rico

Rico was quiet all night last night, had a very good sleep I’m sure after all the excitement of coming to a new home. This morning I woke up and uncovered Rico’s cage and opened his cage door. He seemed quite unsure of what to make of the new surroundings, and he stayed in his cage watching the activity. Of course the kids (aged 6 and almost 8) were up and noisily getting themselves ready for school, and soon they were off. I talked to Rico, put my hand in the cage slowly and spoke reassuringly. He didn’t step up, but he didn’t freak out and hide either, so I figured that was good. I made him a breakfast of whole wheat toast, carrots and apple. I urged him to step up, which he eventually did a bit reluctantly, but was calm once I had him on my hand. He tried everything I made him, and ate some of everything, but seemed to really enjoy the apple and toast. The day went on, and he spent a bit of time playing with a toy, and he went to the dish I had apple on and snuck another piece of that . Occasionally I’d ask if he wanted to step up and offered my finger, and he’d back away…till finally, without me being pushy, he offered his claw and he stepped up voluntarily! yay! He was a bit nippy occasionally, but a few times of giving him a quick puff of air and a firm “NO BITE” seem to really have made a big difference already. This afternoon Rico perched on my lap while I gave him lots of scritches and petted his head and back. I’m amazed at how trusting he already is, considering I only brought him home last night and he’s 2!Rico stepped up for my kids when they came home…not from his cage, but from my hand, and he was gentle. My daughter gave him scritches, which is great, and he stepped up for my hubby when he came home as well. He seems to be quite socialized. Anyway, that was Rico and my first day together, and i’m incredibly happy with what a fabulous bird he is.

Congrats, sounds like ya’ll are off to a great start.