My green parrot is sick maybe broken leg

My goin all over the internet to find a vet that open and treats exotic birds But cant fic d any at 8pm all open till tommorow i just wanna know. Maybe any had similiar expiriences , for sure somethig is wrong with his leg i wanna know i hell survive the night maybe any ideas???

I would move him/her in a small cage remove perches. Put in a towel or small blanket. Get a heating pad. Set it on the bottom on the outside of the cage. Then take two other towels. Cover all sides except the front. So you don’t over heat him/ her and you can keep an eye on your parrot. You can do the same if you have a carrier instead. Keep him/her in a room with out foot traffic. So, your bird stays calm. Your basicly keeping them that way so they don’t stress out or panic. End up making the leg worse. Also small cage and carrier is easy to take in a car. When you travel to the vets office tomorrow. You can heat up a sock full of rice. Use that as a heat source. Just make sure to wrap it in a blanket/towel.So the little birdie doesn’t get burned.

I hope this poor thing has already been taken to the vet but it’s a good reminder that we ALL have to have a 24/7 avian emergency clinic identified from day one!

JoeD, is your bird ok? what happened at the Vets office…Kept my fingers crossed!