My little baby parrotlet died last night

I’m very devastated, he was only 7.5weeks old. I found him dead in the tshirt I folded up as his bed.Cause? Not sure. But he did try to sleep all yesterday evening.RIP Ponyo.

That’s horrible news, you just got him! So sorry for your loss.

I’m so sorry. I lost a budgie years ago. He died after a week of owning him. It really broke my heart.

Sorry for your loss It’s always devastating when a little one passes away so unexpectedly.I hope you’re able to determine the cause of loss soon.

I am indeed extremely distressed over this. After talking to some people and re-examining the situation over and over, our most educational guess is that he wasn’t fully weaned and didn’t eat enough on his own- death due to starvation. All of this happened right by my bed overnight. Again, very distressed.

Hi there,That’s very sad about your little Ponyo. What you described is odd - you indicated he didn’t really eat much when you tried to spoon feed him, and was eating and drinking on his own; but bobbing begging behavior. It may have been a bacterial or other infection of some sort.What color were his last poops? If it was starvation his last poops would have been very dark/tarry.If you still have the body, you may want to consider necropsy since you have another bird. Put the body in the refrigerator. I don’t know about your area, but in San Diego county the county veterinarian will do necropsies very inexpensively. I think it’s because we’re near Mexico and they want to catch psittacosis, newcastles, WNV early on.Again, very sorry about your loss.

Thank you so much for this info–> Ponyo’s poop wasn’t dark and tarry.The last few were actually very watery and all urates with no feces. From your experience, do you have a guess? If you could chime in with some info, it’d be amazing.I couldn’t bear to keep him around anymore, so I buried him in my backyard.

Really no idea unless testing’s done on the little baby.Info on poop:"If a bird doesn’t eat any solid food for about 24 hours, the fecal portion of the droppings will become dark, dark green (that is almost black) and very sticky and tarry."Dr. Wissman’s site has a lot of info including pediatric diseases, etc.: you say you found him “dead in the tshirt” any chance he got stuck and couldn’t find his way out? Babies sometimes aren’t really smart.

thats so sad… so sorry for your loss

No… It was like a little cave that I set up, only maybe a couple inches deep. He was playing in it before. Plus he had been trying to sleep all afternoon/evening before he died.