My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

I was just wondering, (because I am a HUGE fan of it!) does anyone here actually watch My Little pony: Friendship is Magic!. I know it might sound sort of odd for someone over ten years old to watch, and enjoy a show like that, but thousands of high school and college age (and older) boy and girls really enjoy watching a show about friendship and ponies! I personally am completely hooked on it. It is an awesome show and I would definitely encourage all of you to watch it! so, please respond if you watch it, or at least look some videos up of it! Also, if you do watch it, please say who your favorite pony is. My opinion is: Fluttershy Rules!

My children watch it

sigh…I kind of expected that. I meant, does anyone, say, 14 or over watch it?

My little cousin watches it

I love that show (such an old topic)

I’m 25 and I watch it x3 I like Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. And the songs for the show are enjoyable

Fluttershy, best pony

Haha, I don’t watch it myself but my mum used to watch some random kids programs.I’m all for live and let live provided it harms nobody.Why grow up before you have to?

Never seen it myself but I’ve heard some good stuff about it!