My lovebird is dying :(

I have had Kiwi for almost 12 years now. He has always been a very mischievous bird. About a year ago he lost his mate but didn’t seem to bothered by it. For the past couple of weeks he has been very quiet, not screeching when we enter the room so I knew the end was near. Today I found him sitting on the cage bottom. I picked him up and put him on his favorite perch but he Leaned on the bars for support. I put on an old housecoat and put my cats downstairs. He has been spending his time between my pocket and my shoulder sleeping for the afternoon . I wish there were more I could do for him. I don’t want o bring him to the vet because he is not in pain. I am positive it s just his time. Just sad watching him go

I’m so sorry Just keep him warm and comfortable.

im so sorry to hear this i went through this with my budgie who was around 15 make sure you r lovey is warm and comfortable

I am so sorry to hear this news. Please take care of your yourself and your little one. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

He just needs you to be there, and you are. There’s nothing more he can ask of you. Look after yourself, and your little friend. We’re thinking of you.

So, so sorry to hear this very sad news! You and Kiwi are in my thoughts and prayers! Your post made me cry, I would be absolutely devastated if it was Jodi’s time, I can’t even think of losing her without wanting to cry! Just be with your baby, give him love and keep him warm! Really thinking of you!

Well leave it to Kiwi to make it even more difficult lol. After spending the day with him, I put him in our small hospital cage with a towel at bedtime. When I woke up in the morning I could hear him shuffling around. I checked and he is still kicking. He is still very quiet and just wants to sleep. In the past I have had birds when their time is up and I know it takes quite a while for things to happen. Part of me is considering the vet, but I don’t want to add unnecessary stress to him. It doesn’t help that two months ago I took my budgie in for a simple beak trim and he had a heart attack in the back . I just really want to keep him comfortable at home. I know how difficult avian medicine can be and that the chances of getting help for him are pretty slim so why put him through the added stress. It’s just so hard seeing our usually vibrant bird so helpless. He hasn’t eaten since yesterday either so not sure what to do right now Any suggestions…would you take him to a vet, or keep him comfortable?

You just made me cry again! My heart is absolutely broken for you! I’m not sure what I would do in your situation, but like you, I think I would want to make this time as stress free and as comfortable for my bird as possible! I would also probably want to seek help from a vet though, especially if I thought there was hope of a recovery! But I really don’t know what I would actually do, I do know that I would be devastated! Could you maybe revert to feeding him some bird porridge, if only just to keep him going until the time comes? I’m not a very experienced bird owner, so I cannot offer much advice! All I can offer are my thoughts and prayers, and also to tell you that I think what you are doing is wonderful for your bird, you have known him a long time and I think you should do what your gut is telling you to do! Huge hugs to you during this sad and difficult time!

So sorry to make you cry…just once more promise. I decided to take him to the vet and of course the only avian vet in town was off today. I called around and finally found one to get us in at 130. He had rallied and even drank some water for me so I got a little hopeful. We drove 20 minutes to the vet and just as we were turning into the plaza, kiwi gave a little peep and rolled over. I put on my 4 ways to check on him and he was still alive. I wanted to hold him but decided to park and get him into the vet as he was getting worse. When we parked he was gone. I brought him in to see if there was anything they could do and they couldn’t.On the positive side they said he was a beautiful bird and looked very healthy and that it was probably just old age as he was showing no signs of illness. I am glad to know he didn’t suffer but wished I had Le him die at home in my arms instead of in the jeep in a small cage. But I did what I thought was best and he had a great life and went in the best possible way. It’s been really hard on my 5yo son as well but we’ll be okay.Miss you kiwi

I’m so sorry for your loss.