My name is Baby- Alexandrine Israel

Hello everyone! Your advice has saved my life a time or two and I would like to update. I think the last time I was on this forum was because of “Baby’s” bad hair day A while ago. Baby and I have been through much since then. According to your revered advice i have stopped clipping Baby’s wings even though my flat is small. I can tell you that Baby swerves like a kite in the wind. She flies and how she flies and she is happier for it. Destroys a lot but I try to control that Sometimes I even succeed! The main reason why I am writing this evening is to tell you that a year ago i thought Baby was dying.She was a chronic egg layer, 6 eggs every February Israel time. I think I mentioned my fears on this forum. She laid 5 and as usual I was hysterical and then my worst dream came true. She was unable to push out the final egg. I came home from work and found her disabled and in great pain. The vet put her under lights for the night and the next day removed the egg. It was perfect. Unfortunately he had to remove her womb also due to infection. We discussed all of this when I arrived and I told him what ever to do to save her life. So my lady cannot reproduce which of course is disastrous although I wasn’t intending to mate her. We now a year later had an interesting three months of massive amounts of very smelly “poo” but are now after that. On the advice of my vet, her 99% food is P15 plus fruit and veg and she past her “laying period” relatively easily. Thank you forum I hope this post gives hope to someone.

Thank you for the update. So glad to hear she survived the egg and that you are doing well together.They do love to destroy things. Maybe it is bred into them since there are no toys in the wild.I am in the process of putting metal trim around every door and cabinet door. My Amazons can buzz right through wood like a chain saw.

Wow, what a long and difficult period for you. I am so glad to hear that your bird made it safely through what I can only consider a dangerous operation. One day perhaps it would be a much more routine operation similar to that of neutering dogs and cats, but for now it is not something that is done often and that makes it very risky. I saw that you made another topic to say that your vet published a paper about this, which should also confirm how little it is done, but I would appreciate a link to the paper, I think I can use the internets built in translator to give it to me in English. I am very glad that this all worked out well for you.

Yes, indeed, WOW! Poor baby and poor you! I don’t know if I would have had the surgical castration done on her because, in reality, it’s actually very easy to prevent them from becoming eggbound but I am VERY glad to hear that she came through it.Now, if this is the food your are feeding: … rod57511a/ I would beg you to do more research on parrots diets because chemicals are real bad for them and, taking into consideration that she was eggbound (eggbinding has a terrible effect on the kidneys and, unfortunately, kidneys are not like liver in that they don’t get better) pellets are really not recommended.