My name is Cam, I’m from BC, Canada

my name is Cam, I’m from BC, Canada & don’t currently have any birds, but am on the line of doing so in a short time I hope. I have had parrots before…budgies, cockatiels and lovebirds when I was a teenager.

I recently stayed a few nights at a friends place who has a green singer finch and I really enjoyed it’s song which revived the desire to have birds around me again. right now I’m just torn on whether I want finches, a canary or go for something like a cockatiel again.

I love all animals in general…we have 5 cats and one that adopted us last week just had 3 kittens on Thursday. she was starving and very pregnant and barged into our kitchen through the back door when my wife was talking to the neighbours cat and started to chow down on the food we had put down for Fantom. wife went to take a look at the invader and realized it was starving (it was skin and bones) and very pregnant. took it to the vet a few days later and she had no tattoo or chip, so we’re gonna keep her. she’s a beautiful calico. anyhow, I got dirgress…I love all animals, birds and dogs in particular, but I’m also really wanting to start up a pico reef (check out if you want to know more about SMALL salt water aquariums) and get myself a bearded dragon.

I also love astronomy, microscopy, coffee and camping/shooting.

my employment is selling tech, mostly business 2 business related equipment, so things like servers, high end printers, point of sale and barcoding equipment.


WOW :slight_smile: what an introduction!
Yes, it sounds like you love animals for sure! isn’t weird how it seems like the animals choose us sometimes? I have had this happen on so many occasions. Just the other day I had found a hurt bird laying in my yard, I think one of the crows got a hold of her but she got away. Anyway, thirty-five dollars and a little bit of food later she was in our house and part of our family. I kept the injured bird about a week or two (basically until she could fly again) and then released her back to her family. I hated to see her go because she had become part of our family for that short amount of time!

I had no idea about the nano reef thing. I am def going to check that out!!

Also, I guess I should create a category just for introductions lol. anyway, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself! :blush:

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I created a category just for introductions if anyone would like to introduce themselves! :slight_smile: