My weird Patagonian Conure

I have owned different kinds of parrots since I was a young boy but never have come across a bird like my Charlie. I got him when he was 15 years old and have to say from day one he was weird, but in a good way. Here are the things I find so weird about him:

  1. He has zero cage agression. This shocked the vet and me as well.
  2. He does not bite, ever. The lady I got him from said he has never bitten anyone.
  3. He does not know how to fly, which I have never heard of. The vet says he is capable but must have never been fledged properly. Patagonians also burrow in mud so they are fond of the ground.
  4. He is terrified of heights and gets upset if he is lifted higher than shoulder height.
  5. He makes bizaare noises that I have never heard another parrot make. He makes a clicking noise like the electronic sound a virtual keyboard makes when you type.
  6. He is a dancing fool! If he hears anything that remotely sounds like music, he is total boogie nights.
  7. 9pm is bed time period! Lights out, no noise or he goes on an ear busting tyrade.
  8. Never close the blinds, he must have his view outside.
  9. He flips his head at you and that is his way of telling you off if you ignore him.

Is this normal for this species of parrot? I have never seen a patagonian conure before, only the standard sun, nanday, green cheek, etc. and he is nothing like them.