Names for sun conure

Hello,I’m new to this forum and new to keeping birds. I have bought a baby sun conure who is still with the breeder until weaned. At the moment i’m trying to come up with a name but can’t decide!!. I was hoping to find a nice mythological roman or greek name that had some kind of meaning… and i found Apollo, the God of the sun. I think that names is great but then when i was looking at video’s on youtube… there is a sun conure named Apollo!!! i dunno… i kind of wanted a unique name so i’m still searching.Please give me some suggestions on names… anythinggggggg. Characters from movies and tv, words in different languages that mean something, names in mythology… anything . It helps hearing any suggestion. here’s a pic… one of these babies will be mine

hmm… looks like the picture isn’t working

The picture is working fine How about Soleil? It’s pronounced Soul-lay. It means sun in french.

welcome to the forum Anne, ill have a look around for you for a name. in german unfortunately there isnt many sungody type names i could help you with but ill keep thinking:) . although SUN in german is - SONNE- pronounced like zonne. do you know if its a male or female yet?ItalianYellow - gialloSun - sole / solarebird - uccello (pronounced oo-chello)even though these dont sound like names but maybe you can play around with them i dunno i know the apollo sunconure on youtube you’re talking about, its a cool name but i understand what you think— then everyone thinks you named your bird after his instead of the actual apollo hehe.Good luck finding the perfect name

zazanomore wrote:How about Soleil? It’s pronounced Soul-lay. It means sun in french.ooh me likes!:slight_smile:

There’s lots of “pet name” websites that offer a ton of suggestions for pet names (most pet names are universal to any kind of pet). I would say pick a few names that you like and decide when you meet the bird and have had it for a few days. It takes time to get to know its personality! I would suggest something short and a non"human" name.Also is the bird male or female? That might effect your choice.

I’ve always wanted a Sun Conure named Poppy. Depending on what the sex of your bird is and keeping in the Gods/Goddesses theme, you could use: Rhiannon - The Welsh Goddess of birds.Loki - The Norse God of fire.Utu - Sumerian Sun God. Ra - Egyptian Sun God. Horus - bird headed God in Egyptian mythology. Kurura - mythical bird man in Hindu tradition.

Our sun’s name is Drake Lawrence (it sounds very yuppy) - Drake = male duck, he’s male, we call him Ducky for short, rubber Duckies are yellow; you see my daughter’s strange train of thought. . .You can call him Pal; short for Palomino (golden color on horse). People will think it’s a boring name, but you’ll know what it’s all about.Aurum 79, the chemical element gold; you can call him Au for short.Nugget - gold or some nose nuggets are yellow.Ingot - like an ingot of gold.FeS2 (that’s a subscript “2”) - iron pyrite “fool’s gold”; You can pronounce that “Fez”.Brass - brass the alloy is goldish; brass like a cop; slang - A brave or foolhardy attitude (that’s kinda conure)

I like Sonne, back when I used to listen to Rammstein, Sonne was my favourite song by them! That aside, I think the name sounds good. I also like Sonoran, even though it’s not really mythological.

I have gotten quite a few “unnamed” birds they have all gotten their names by themselves…I have a Trigger and a Nitro both explosive male amazons so maybe just maybe you are jumping the gun…I understand wanting to teach the bird it’s name early…but I also have Jake and Pedro that are female birds. Try just relaxing and bonding with your baby bird and the name will come to you like a V-8 commercial and it will be perfect By the way I have 40+ birds. Just an opinion,