Native Parrots - Abused!

Hi all!I am from India, and and alexandrine parrots are quite common here. You can get one for under $10. People here have been keeping pet parrots for centuries, yet no one truly understands what a parrot needs. There are hardly any parrots which get out of their cages, even few are handled in their lives, EVER! Most eat what the people eat, evrything they eat. This includes rice, vegetables cooked in oil and spices, fat and sometimes even alcohol. If you have ever eaten indian food, you can guess what the parrot has to go through. Many times the parrots are "disciplined" if they do anything undesirable. Young parrots are just disposed if they fail to talk.If some poor chap falls ill, he isnt taken to a Doc, instead he is let off, and a new one is bought(in most cases). The worst part is their cages!Even my four finches have a bigger cage than what most have!This is a typical cage I feel guilty and sorry for these poor poor lil fellas. I wish I could do something about them, but keeping alexandrines is illegal here, and cops cant tell the difference between an IRN and alexandrine. I thought of sharing it here because i think maybe if parrot keepers around the world wish that indian parrots have better lives, something can change.( The Law of Attraction)Please post how native pet parrots from other parts of the world live?Is it better than this or worse

I live in Virginia USA and there used to be a local parrot called the Carolina Conure. It was considered a pest and hunted to extinction. I am not sure which is worse, having your species wiped out or being caged as described in the first post?

I think I would copy Shanlung (I hope I got the name right).He rescues native species to rehab and set free. That is why he can do free flight.I would be spending $10 a week to rescue. When set free I would have an outside feeder and water dish for them so they could get food until they figured it out on their own.No one would know what you have in your house and once outside you are just feeding wild birds.I have rescued native species and done it. When it was strong enough I just opened the window and let it come and go for a few days until it didn’t want back in. All the while I had a feeding station outside.Friskies (a starling I cared for) came back this last spring and even talked to me through the screen.