Need help on picking one

I want to get another bird. I have my parrotlet and i have my jenday conure. I need just one more (for now lol).Im looking for a bird that is talkative,has a sweet demeaner,kind of like a cockatoos personality. here are my choices:military macawgoffins cockatoospeckeled amazonwhite eyed conurenanday conuresun conureblue crownedgoldcap conuretimneh african greyred belly poicephalussengalindian ring neckmeyers

Most of the species you have listed have very different, night/day temperaments from each other.I would actually recommend a female Cape parrot.

You can try Lovebirds?

Yay im picking up my SUN CONURE tonight…

good job, i was about to say to get one!

wiked, i reallY WANT A SUN CONURE… have u got it yet?

My husband had to work late so i was unable to get her last night. But ill be picking her up later on this morning. Ill definetly be posting pictures!!

My newest addition

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