Need Help with Newly Bought Conure

Hello, my name is Jackie and I just brought my little feathery bundle of joy home on Sunday. Seems like he has yet to eat anything and its really starting to worry me. He’s fully alert though, playful, cuddly, certainly vocal and has actually had some water with me watching.But it seems he will not eat and he is defecating less now.I know it takes them a few days to adjust and all, still I’m worried. I’ve tried to hand him food, he’ll lick it then just ignore it. Would anyone be able to help at all?I’d just love to be put at ease a bit, knowing he’ll be okay.

What did you give him to eat? This species of parrot is generally a very good eater and one of the easier to get to eat its veggies, too. It is not uncommon for some birds, on an individual basis, to reject food for a short while if rehomed. Which is basically what has happened when you purchased and brought it home. Normally, I would just say keep the food available for him and be patient, but this time I am going to say that you could try to offer him a little jarred baby food. It might be enough to break through his little fast.

If I had a bird that is pooping less, I would be worried. Birds have very high metabolisms and need to eat A LOT to keep up, and the smaller the species, the higher the metabolism and the more they need to eat. I assume we are talking about a baby bird (how old, exactly, are we talking about?) as you said you ‘bought’ it so the problem could very well be the kind of food you are offering. Breeders and stores will tell you the bird is weaned but, in truth, they usually wean them much too fast and, even if they hadn’t, young birds always regress when moved to a new home so handfeeding once or twice a day is in order as well as offering different kinds of soft food during the day. Soft food is anything soft, wet and offered warm, things like old-fashioned oatmeal, corn meal (polenta), couscous, brown rice, etc cooked and mixed with baby food (pureed carrots, sweet potatoes, fruits, etc -no spinach). This food is to be served fresh and replaced twice a day while some softer, small seeds (millets, canary seed, quinoa) are also put in the cage.

And that is why I suggested the baby food without waiting for any answers. I too, assumed that your bird is too young and not properly weaned. It is a common practice and it worries me.

I would add that if for any reason you don’t have a way to get the good foods(like lack of transportation) the others have suggested, a lot of people keep cans or jars of applesauce in the cupboard. Organic, unsweetened applesauce is best, but if all you have is sweetened, non-organic, one or two servings one hurt your bird. They can eat cinnamon flavored, too. Eat some in front of your bird, so he’ll know it’s good to eat.

Yes, he is pretty young. About 5-ish months, or so. Seems he still has not touched his food, I am thankful he’s drinking without problems though.My father had said the same thing, to try some baby food perhaps. I think I’ll pick up some today, that wouldn’t be a problem for me to eat in front of him to show him its alright either.As far as what I’ve given him to eat. I actually went back to the store I got him at, told them the story and they gave me a small bag of the food they would give him while he was there since he seemed to like that. I figured maybe if I try to make things seem a little more like his old home it might make him feel better. I also attempted to give him some millet since I know he loved that. I figure if he’s not going to eat regular food, perhaps he’ll eat this even if it is a snack its still food in his stomach for the moment. He did take a few bites, then didn’t touch it.He’s still very active, alert and affectionate. He really shows no signs of illness as far as I can see.@Pajarita; Believe me, I am worried. I’m really worried. The last thing I want is for him to be suffering, especially after trying to give him a nice new home. I’ve grown so attached to him so quickly. I think I’ll get some baby food and try to mix that with brown rice, or something as well. I refuse to not try everything I can.

The problem is that you are running out of time, though. I really think that if he doesn’t eat and poop today that I would schedule an emergency vet visit.

Oh dear God, that was the last thing I wanted to find out. x -xI ended up speaking with the people who sold him to me once again and they had suggested something similar as well. To try feeding him a few different things today, then letting them know so they can help me schedule an appointment. They’re still responsible for his health for the next… 8 days, or so?My poor little Dole… I feel so horrible not knowing what exactly is going on with him.I truly appreciate all this help and insight though. I’m really going to be needing as much as I can get.I’m more than open to any suggestions in general that any of you may have for me.

You may find out that he is ok, which is what we will hope for. By this time he should be literally starving and this in not good. He could have a blockage in his crop or worse in his intestines, which is what we want to avoid. I am now very worried about him.

Well he hasn’t really been defecating so much as I think he’s been urinating. Which is obviously due to lack of actual food and instead just drinking water. Here I am trying to rule out things so you won’t feel so worried when its my own bird and I’m ready to freak out, haha.Regardless, I’m going to just stay positive. I truly don’t think he would be so loud and outgoing if he were starving. Starving animals tend to be very lethargic and such, then again I don’t know much about birds. I’m just judging from overall knowledge. x: I’ll definitely find out though, as soon as I can too.