Need new home for my two parrots

Hello everyone, I am searching for a responsible and loving person around northern CA to take my two parrots. I have Marley, a male jenday conure around 3 years old, and Cherri, a female lutino cockatiel about 4. I’ve had them for most of their lives and love them dearly, but the time has come in my life where it is difficult for me to keep them and I feel like they deserve better. I’ve tried to keep them separated but they adored each other from the start, so they’re pretty well bonded with each other at this point and must go together. Marley hates men, but likes women and will most likely need a lot of patience to earn his trust so that he doesn’t bite. But once he trusts he’s a very affectionate and gentle bird with lots of personality that loves interaction. Cherri is timid but gentle and very easily attached to people so it wouldn’t take long to get her to like just about anyone. They have two cages, a regular sized one and an extra large cage on wheels if wanted. I’m only asking for a moderate adoption fee and just really want them to go to a good stable home. If anyone is interested or knows someone who would be a good fit please let me know.

This is bird woman , I live in southern Oregon , (Jackson county ) please interview new prospective owner and do home visits to make sure they take care of your baby’s. If you could see what kind of shape these poor little things come to me in you would understand. 4 rescues I’ve taken in , in just a few months and I can’t even possibly imagine the horror there lives were before they got here , so please be careful ! BIRD WOMAN

While searching for a cockatiel to fill the space that Sweetie left, I found so many cockatiels in need of help that I ended up with a flock. Some were even handicapped by their humans. Phoenix had his wing chopped. Gimpy has a leg missing and Lacy has toes missing. That is just the physical abuse that they suffered. Most were terribly scared.It is good that you posted in theparrotforum. You can even put them in with all your info on them. In rescueme you can add a long list of likes and dislikes as well as telling about their personalities. I have only rehomed a few times since I don’t let my cockatiels nest. It is very hard to find a home that will care for them more than you do. Take your time and interview. If you can visit their prospective homes to make sure the new humans will keep them together.I am in Florida and don’t like shipping birds so I am not an option. I have driven long distances to rescue a bird but California is a bit too much. I can only hope that another member of the forum will adopt them.So sorry that you have to give them up.

I would HIGHLY recommend you contact Mickaboo. I’ve known somebody who fosters for them for 8 or 9 years and they are excellent! Here is their website:

Thank you for your help, I really want them to go to a good home where they will be well cared for. I’ve always tried my best to keep them healthy and happy, vet checkups, the whole nine yards. They’ve never been without toys or attention. It really breaks me up having to do this but I don’t have a very stable life right now and I feel forced to cut down on everything I have. I got a message saying that I violated forum rules, very sorry I didn’t realize. I read some rules but I guess there were an additional set of rules? To be very clear I am not selling my birds, I have spent at least a couple thousand on them and can never hope to get that back or make a profit and that is not what I’m after.

You know I have a sulfer crested cockatoo that I took in from southern calif. From a young gal that unexpectedly had to finish her schooling across the U.S. And I’m babysitting for her , probably 3 more years. I know how people’s situations change , but they do get better and maybe just a birde babysitter would do . I’ve always wanted to start a network of either long term babysitters and or others to help with yours if the need arises. For me this only would work for well cared for and vetted parrots as it’s pretty costly with new vet bills and quarantine time. I personally have 4 people close to me that have well cared for birds vetted regular and we babysit for each other and have birde play days. Bird woman

Actually ,I asked you to read the rules, especially rule #8., but at no time did I suggest anything more. Because I understand your situation, I allowed your post to remain. The rule is against advertising or exchanging live birds or cages and such, so even though I let your post remain, you need to be aware that the owner could override my decision, which is why I asked you to read the rules. Basically your post could be ruled a violation of rule #8. I decided that it should not be a violation, but I can be over ruled by the owner. I thought you should be aware of these things.

Most of us came to this forum for information and stayed for the emotional contact with other bird parronts.Other than adding that she has a rehome fee her post was for help. Where else would you go for help with your little beings.Wolf, you accepted a rehome for the budgies. If you had not they probably would have died. I did not know Harley was sick and only thought of Marley because of her plucking that I was not able to stop. I have only rehomed over the years to someone who can do better for the critter than I could and you were it.I rehomed 2 of the critters that came with Rambo. I had taken all her critters at the same time to keep them from being sold off. One was Sunny the cockatiel who had become a battered wife. I could not tolerate what she was going through because she took the mentality of a battered wife and kept going back to him. The other critter was a tiny Chihuahua who was a sister to my little dog. She had been raised as an only dog (the only furry in the house) and did not like having to share with my other dogs. I rehomed her to a friend and son who both had the same illness that left them crippled. While visiting he mentioned that he would like to have a dog like her. I required that he visit her until she would come to him without encouragement.Fostering sounds like the best thing since it is probably a temporary problem for the parront. Fostering could last for years but the bird knows his human when he comes back to get him.

I don’t see how somebody looking for a good home for her birds can be in violation of rule 8 which specifically covers commercialization of birds and products. A member decided not to post a wonderful link (sent to me by pm) because of the posting rules been ‘too fussy’ and I agree 100%! That was, precisely, the reason why I stopped posting links from my daily research. I did try to follow the rules but, apparently, I was not getting the ‘idea’ so I decided to save myself time and aggravation and stopped doing it. I think it might be time for Michael to rethink the complicated posting rules (which, I might add, are unique to this site) and elaborate on the others so nobody feels slighted - just saying…

MADE ME BACK OFF THE DISSCUSION ! Bird woman. ( I thought I was getting scolded )