Never give up if your bird flies away

My male cocktiel accidentaly flewn away for 5 days. First day i didn’t see him anywhere.Second day i saw him in the afternoon, & he slept in an unreachable place on the building.3rd, fourth day didn’t see him. Thought that someone caught him. I was waking up on sunrise, spending the whole day out with his femle but nothing.On the 5th day, i was outside with my friends, & he decided to come back flying low. He was going & coming back for hours. He luckily decided to sleep on a tree facing the house. I was calling his name & he was whistling back to me.I brought a ladder with the help of my husband on sunset, we got him down.He is now happily sleeping in his safe place. After he had a good meal.I guess the only thing that helped him locate the house, is that he was used for our outdoor. I was keeping him inside & outside.I just thank God every minute for this chance he given me.

Heart warming story.He was having so much fun but missed being home.

Awww, what a good ending to what I am sure was a nerve-wrecking experience! Smart of you to use the ladder to reach him. Most people assume the bird will come down but it’s very, very rare that they do (not even birds trained to recall). I don’t know if it’s that they are scared or what but I know it’s not that they do NOT want to come back because, as soon as you go up and put a hand out to them, they gladly get on it.Birds are smart and usually stay in the immediate area when they get loose like that. It’s when they take off and keep on flying that you usually cannot get them back.