New addition to family

Yesterday, we adopted a dog from NYC Animal Control. We were going to reduce the number of dogs through natural attrition -which was not going to take very long as we had soooo many very old dogs- and just keep the three young ones we now have because we are moving back home in 5 or 6 years and the less animals we need to move, the better off we will be. But I was missing my little babies so much (we had to put down two little dogs in less than 2 months) that I told my husband I was going to look for another one. And, because one of the two little ones we had to put down was his beloved Bunny (a small bichon/maltese mix), the only thing he said was to make sure that it was EXACTLY as I wanted it and not to be swayed by a sad story (this is because I never actually choose, I just take whoever needs it the most). So, in order to make it so I could help out an animal in need but still get what I wanted, every morning and every evening, I looked in Animal Control and kill shelters websites. But, because what I wanted is what most people want (a young -less than 5- small -no more than 8 lbs- loving and healthy female), it wasn’t so easy. Yesterday morning, I saw two possibilities in the Manhattan shelter for NYC Animal Control: a female Chihuahua thought to be around 6 years old and a female toy poodle thought to be 3 years old. So, at 12 noon sharp (when they open for adoptions), we were already in the waiting room with our application all filled up and our documentation ready. I asked to see the poodle they had listed as Tiara (5 lbs) first because, been a white and tan poodle, she resembled most my husband’s Bunny and, of course, that’s the one I took because whichever dog ends up been the first in my arms is also the last and the one I take . But she ended up been absolutely PERFECT! She weighs 5.4 lbs but only because you can see all her bones, the poor thing! Because of the severe underweight, she could not be spayed but they still released her to us and, as soon as she gets to a good weight, we will take her back for the surgery. She might be a bit older than 3 (her teeth are very dirty but, unfortunately, the cleaning cannot be done when they do the spaying -they only castrate and nothing else- so we will have to wait a couple of months and get them done by my vet) but I doubt she is more than 5. She was an owner’s release and I am thinking that she must have lived with an older lady because she took to me immediately although she still barks at my husband and her sheet said that she had never been exposed to children. Apparently, the previous owner had gotten her from somebody else (she has been bred at some point in time) and kept her for 2 years but needed to move and the new apartment did not take pets. One thing I can tell you, this dog has not been groomed or even bathed in a long time because, although ACC shaved all her hair (and they only do this when they are matted), you can still see it was terribly stained. All her four paws are dark brown with the color becoming paler as it goes up her legs, reaching even her entire chest and belly and she has two stains on both her thights. Her face, armpits and tip of her tail are also very stained and she was terrified when I bathed her as soon as we got home (I don’t like to scare them but I can’t have a dirty dog sleeping in my bed). I clipped the uneven tufts that were left of her hair to even it out and to take out as much as possible of the brown stains and I am now treating thems with a special product designed to bleach them. She ate like a wolf both last night and this morning so she will get to a good weight in no time at all AND she peed and pooped outside both last night and this morning (she has also used the wee-wee pad which the previous owner said she did). She had no problem whatsoever with the other dogs and, although she was interested in the cats, she just wanted to smell them so she could figure out what they were. I managed to take a peep at the initial evaluation sheet and it said that her previous owner called her Precious but she doesn’t seem to respond to it as much as she does to Baby so, as stupid as that name is, I guess it’s the one she will end up with. She is young, healthy, small, playful, loving and a great cuddler so I got everything I wanted and am in seventh Heaven!!!

Sounds great to me as well, I am glad that you are happy with your choice and the new member to your family.

I am ALWAYS ‘happy’ with them - even when they are a complete disaster of a dog (like Chicho which has been here for 2 years and is only now beginning to get better)! But, although I love them all and treat them all the same, I do have favorites. I know that one should not but I always try to be honest with myself and I have to admit that I do have favorite dogs, cats, birds, children and grandchildren (terrible of me, I know). I had lost my two favorite dogs (Tita and Michiche), and although I had gotten ‘replacements’ for them (Chichi and Pinky), they did not fill up the holes left when they died. But this little one will… I can tell. She is doing VERY well. She already knows the routine and runs downstairs with the others to go outside (but I have to go outside with her or she will stay on the top step and not do her ‘business’) and upstairs to my bedroom in the afternoon (and jumps right on the bed, too ). She has decided which bed is hers in the kitchen and takes her naps on it. She knows where her ‘eating’ spot is and waits for her dish there. And she is eating so well, she is actually beginning to look a bit better (her spine is not protruding so much any more). Only problem she still has (and she will have for a while still) is that she barks for EVERYTHING! But, she doesn’t bark as much to my husband and she is already asking him for caresses and kisses so that’s an improvement, too.

Pajarita, I am so glad you found another pooch to call your own, and that Baby found her forever home! Wishing you many years of happiness and hilarity. And as for the name thing, if you did want to change it to something else, I’ve experienced with our (rescue) dogs that if you integrate a new name in over time, they do gradually respond to it. We unexpectedly inherited a Boston terrier from my dad’s second (now-ended) marriage whose name was Scout, which a) didn’t seem to fit his personality and b) we didn’t like, and we were able to get him to respond to Wallace after some time and effort. He was definitely a character! I’ll always miss the little guy.

I think that she might have been called Baby in the past as it is, after all, a common term of endearment with little dogs. I started by calling her Precious Baby so as to make a transition but she responds to just plain Baby without a problem. She went to my vet for her first check-up this past Wednesday so as to get her records started as well as a certificate that says that she is now in good weight and can be spayed and she was found to be perfectly healthy and is now at over 8 lbs! My vet agreed with me that she is a Maltipoo and most likely closer to 5 years old than 3. Her stained fur was almost completely shaved off by me (she now has white legs and paws! YAAAAYYY)and I am teaching her not to lick herself all the time (they do this out of anxiety, sometimes). She has also learned "Shut up" (barking), "Stop it" (she has this habit of jumping up to grab your hands with her mouth), "No chewing" (she likes to chew on your hands), "No licky-licky" (this is for the licking herself) and is now learning "Dancing dancing" (she goes up in two legs and begs with her front paws while she turns around -the cutest thing!!!)

She sounds great.I rescued an 8 month old Chihuahua years ago. She had been in a cage all her life with no human contact other than food and water change. The little girls was terrified. She would shake and cry real tears if I just looked at her. Thankfully she bonded to my other Chihuahua that was just a baby and followed her to trusting me. She would dance for me.When the 4th cat disappeared we did not feel right. We had never been down to 3 cats before. ZaZa is a senior. Evelett is middle age and Sherburt is a big kitten at about 9 months old. He was alone because the other two did not play with him.A trip to the shelter and we now have two kittens. They have to be 2 months old to adopt out and I think that is about what they are. Butterscotch is a big orange long haired male. Raven is the smallest cat I have ever seen. They also hold that a cat has to be two pounds before they can be adopted. She is no where near 2 pounds. Both have settled in but Burt has not adjusted to them yet. He is hanging out with the dogs.

Congratulations!!! That is great, great news! Especially the fact that you took two There are soooooo many kittens without a home. Kittens are the cutest things, aren’t they? But so very mischievous! Older cats would, sometimes, not like kittens but, as the kittens grow up and they calm down, they start to accept them. I have one old one (Frankie - 17) that stays away and one old one (Neo - 18) that loves them. He is a male but acts like a mother to them, cleaning them for hours, sleeping with them curled up against him and allowing them to jump on him without moving.