New additions to our flock, and FINALLY Baby has a real name

Today we went to our regular bird shop/breeder with the intention of buying some seed. JUST seed…ONLY seed! But Tom (my 11yo son) and I left with 2 new feathered friends…another pair of budgies a lovely mostly yellow hen, and a handsome yellow faced blue cock. They’ve been named Romeo and Juliet, and have joined Jack and Jill in the patio aviary. Hopefully we’ll have some babies before the end of January…cross your fingers for us Also, we have finally settled on a name for the GCC previously known as “Baby/Bub” She is now called “Pip-squeak”…Pip for short We chose this name because of the cute little squeak noises she makes when we talk to her…and because she’s so little and sweet She’s just the most gorgeous little bird…loves to cuddle up under my chin and fall asleep…or sit on my shoulder under my hair nibbling on my ear or earings (she’s so very gentle) occasionally peeking out then spinning around and darting back under my hair. She’s such a little darling!

I have to make a trip to the pet store I buy pellets from this week, & I was just telling myself this morning that it would be unwise of me to play w/the birdies there, but that if I must play w/them, I am NOT allowed to bring any home!!

I know how you feel! I always have to go see the birds whenever I go get food for my birds. So far I have not brought any more home!

It was all I could do to not fall in love with a gold-capped conure who was mimicking my whistles this weekend. There was probably zero chance of me being able to bring her home anyways… but congrats on naming Pip and adding romeo and juliet to your flock!

Lol! Good thing we don’t have an aviary!

OK, it seems i spoke/typed too soon…“Pip” just isnt working as a name…i thought i loved it…but 24 hours of calling her that has proved me wrong! So it’s back to calling her Baby &/or Bub until we can agree on something else.Arggghhh! I HATE being indecsicive!! ALthough i shouldnt be suprised! My ex-hubby and I had our baby boys name chosen months before he was born …but when my ex returned to the hospital after going home for a sleep after our son’s birth…i’d changed his name!! Thomas has 2 crib name labels from the hospital in his baby album…with the 2 different names!Obviously choosing names is not something i’m good at!!!

aww pip squeak was such a cute name, when i see her picture the first name that came to me was princess, but thats far to common ill try and give you some names we all know how hard it is t find the right name!here we gowillowchloepeppypearlindyolivecloudkekohoneyskymeh…i tried

How about "Baby"? I do think if you wait too long, it gets really hard to start calling them something new… You could say it was short for Babette…

I didnt want to say anything earlier and jinx it…but i think we’re now safe Our little GCC girl is named Missy It really suits her as she is a real “little-miss”, and most importantly my 2 kids like it too!Thanks to everyone for your ideas

Whoo hoo! For Missy!